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“Indian food has become wildly popular in America.”
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The Spice is Right - Easy Indian Cooking for Today by Monica Bhide [ Buy Now ]
Ever since I started helping Indian food lovers on the Internet, the most common question I am asked is "How can I make that dish with the exact taste as that nearby Indian Take-away has?". I always had to think hard and ended up answering with hard-to-do recipes with often unavailable ingredients. Until Now. Today, I have a well-documented answer in the form of Monica Bhide's book titled "The Spice is Right"

For those who feel that Good-Health, Time-Crunch & Indian-Food can't go hand in hand, Monica will help you do that easily in this book. This book clearly deviates from other complicated eastern cookbooks, and inspires you to cook. It presents 150 healthy versions of traditional Indian dishes and categorises them into 15 menus. Each menu has a distinct theme with chosen drinks, appetizers, main course, side dishes and desserts. While the recipes work best if you buy a few staples from any Indian grocery stores (this one has a list of stores too), the book suggests many convenient substitutions. Each recipe lists variations and references to online resources and makes good use of the margins where little tidbits and tips appear to add extra flavor. "Thandai" in drinks, "Chicken Tikka" in Appetizers, "Jhinga Curry" for mains or "Kulfi" to top it off, this book does all the planning for that special Indian feast.

"All too often Indian cooking is represented by its rich sauces and deep fried meats and vegetables. Bhide's book provides an excellent way to enjoy the savory flavors of Indian cooking without the possible health risks."
- Rita Yadava, M.D. Chicago, Illinois USA.

Being a voracious cookbook reader herself, Monica is a graduate of several formal cooking courses in India. In her lively writing style, she keeps it simple and guides us into a flavorful foray into home-style Indian cooking. What specifically fascinated me includes "Indian Super Bowl" and "Boss is Coming" menu. With the "Chelsea Platter" you can cook what Clintons had when they visited India in March 2000. Now its my turn to ask. Would you spend less than $20 to spice up your life with Indian Cuisine? Try "The Spice is Right : Easy Indian Cooking for Today" by Monica Bhide.

- By Puneet Aggarwal

“This book will inspire you to cook and fall in love with Indian cuisine.”
— K. Mohanchandran, Executive Assistant Manager, Taj Luxury Hotels, India

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Published by Callawind Publications
Format: 7¾ x 9 inches / 144 pages
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 1-896511-17-1

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